The Varan Monitor was created to assist the automation industry by
improving customer service through proactive system management. Once the appliance is added to a system, it actively monitors the status of all designated LAN and Crestron Cresnet devices. If the status of a monitored device changes the appliance will automatically send a notification to designated support staff. Perform remote system diagnostics through an easy-to-use web interface as well as reboot designated devices to possibly correct the failure. With a proactive solution for managing clients’ needs you are armed with valuable time saving information. The ability to monitor and respond can be offered to clients as an added service, all the while you ensure customer satisfaction and jump start your recurring revenue stream.
"Customer service leads to customer satisfaction which is the best sales tool you can have. Not to mention knowing exactly what is broken before we send out a technician leads to immediate cost savings. The Varan Monitor gives us a huge advantage not available until now."

Robin Bogle

President of
Advanced Home Theater